Interactive Repeated Experiments Dotplot

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This website allows you to create interactive graphs in a few simple steps.

Enter your data manually or upload your data as a .csv file.

You can also upload an .xml file to view a previously created interactive graph.

Example dataset
(Right click on the link to save an example dataset. Upload the saved file to view the interactive dotplot)

Click on "Graph”, then "Build” on the left side of the screen to create your interactive graph.

View your interactive graph. Use the options below the graph to customize axis labels, scales, etc.
If you would like to save a copy of particular graphs for print publication, select the options to display the graph that you want, enter a name in the "Save this graph as” function below the graph, then click save.
Use the "Download workset" option to download files for any graphs that you saved (for print publication), as well as the .csv and .xml files for the interactive graphic.
The .csv or .xml file can be included in the data supplement for your paper. The .csv file is "human readable" and contains your data (can be viewed/edited in Excel or any other spreadsheet software). The .xml file contains your data, as well as any changes that you made to the axis labels, scales, etc.
Readers can upload the .xml file into the website to view your interactive graphic.